District Recreational Soccer Additional Information

Recreational League players continue along the long term player development pathway focusing on a positive experience developing in players a genuine love for the game and who have an active for life mentality.

This program is designed for players in the under 9 to under 12 age divisions as determined by year of birth. Each division is divided into boys and girls teams with players being randomly allocated to rosters. The teams in each division will play matches against one another as well as other teams within the St. Charles (SCSA) district.

For some seasons of play a division may also play matches against teams in a neighboring district who will partner with our home district to provide small divisions with a larger and more varied pool of teams. Games are played at various fields throughout the district or districts.

No scores are kept and no standings are tabulated, the team sizes are small and all children have equal playing time on a smaller sized field. This allows each player to have lots of touches on the ball which encourages and promotes skill development.

Season of Play

The season runs from early May until late June concluding with the WYSA LTPD Jamboree, which is held on a Saturday in late June.  Teams typically play two matches a week.

U9 and U11 divisions generally play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, with the possibility of some Sundays depending on the number of teams in a division as well as field and referee availability.

U10 and U12 divisions generally play on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with the possibility of some Fridays depending on the number of teams in a division as well as field and referee availability.

As part of the regular programming included with registration a district run LTPD tournament will also be held mid-season hosted by alternating clubs within SCSA.

Each team will also have a dedicated practice once a week. The time, location and dates of which will vary depending on team needs and field availability.

Game Format

Game play is designed to maximize the number of touches on the ball for each player by utilizing smaller sized fields and fewer players on the field at a time. Players are given the opportunity to play in every position each game. The laws of the game are modified to accommodate a number of changes including unlimited substitutions. These divisions are broken down into two distinct age groups with their own modifications.

U9 and U10

Each match consists of two 25 minute halves with a 5 minute break between halves. There are 6 players a side and fields are about half the size of a full size soccer field with proportionally sized goals. The offside rule is not enforced.

All other FIFA Laws of the Game, except where revised by Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) Rules and Regulations are enforced.

U11 and U12

Each match consists of two 30 minute halves with a 5 minute break between halves. There are 8 players a side and fields are about 3/4 the size of a full soccer field with proportionally sized goals. The offside rule is enforced in the attacking 3rd of the field.

All other FIFA Laws of the Game, except where revised by Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) Rules and Regulations are enforced.

Skill Development

The Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model is followed. In this model players are not assigned a position for the season. Instead, players are given the opportunity to play in each soccer position and every player receives an equal amount of playing time.

Children at this age are considered to be in the “golden age of learning,” when children start to become less self-centered and are more able to reflect on their actions and learn from mistakes. This provides an optimal window for further development of skills. The focus is on learning by doing and the goal is to build a larger repertoire of soccer movements and to teach the basic principles of play in a fun and challenging environment

Additional practice is important at this level, as necessary technical and tactical skills cannot be learned through regular game play only. The emphasis in practice is on further developing skills such as controlling the ball, dribbling, receiving, stopping, passing, and shooting. Team play and positional play are also taught. 


Teams have the option of registering to play in tournaments which are in addition to the regular season of play. Teams can participate in any tournament which qualifies for sanctioning either locally or internationally.

Whether a team chooses to participate in a tournament is up to the players and coaches as tournament fees and associated costs are not included in the cost of regular registration and will require additional fees.

Tournaments outside the province of Manitoba do require additional planning. CYSA executive members will be able to assist and advise teams of what requirements they need to meet in order to participate in a travel tournaments or any other special event.


The coaches and other team officials are all volunteers who are often the parents or family members of players on the teams, many with a personal interest in soccer or simply an interest in helping the team. Coaches at this level are required to complete screening, expected to receive certification in a number of courses and to follow specific rules and regulations.

On teams in which the coach and assistant coach are both of the opposing gender than the players, a same gender adult must also be present on the bench during all matches. This person is not required to have passed a background check.

Game Volunteers

Two volunteers from each team are required at every match. Spectators should anticipate this need and volunteer willingly to fulfill these roles as matches cannot commence until these volunteers are in place. The roles of these volunteers are:

  1. Referee Liaison. Assist the referee when asked to do so. The Referee Liaison’s job is to control the behavior of their teams spectators, warning them politely to stop any misbehavior. They should not confront spectators from the opposition, but submit a report to WYSA if they witness improper conduct. This person will must be listed on the matches official game sheet

  2. Linesman. Signal when the ball goes out of bounds by raising the linesman flag.


Spectators are expected to follow the CYSA Code of Conduct at all times. Spectators must sit on the spectator side of the field which is opposite the team and match officials and ensure there is space for the linesman to travel freely without stepping onto the field of play and/or for players to put the ball back in play.


Referees are assigned for each match. All referees must be shown respect and courtesy at all times. The referees, regardless of age, have authority over the entire game. Examples of this authority are:

  • To disallow a player from participating in a match due to improper or unsafe equipment.

  • Present a Yellow or Red card to a player or coach for unsafe, disrespectful or abusive behavior, at their discretion.

  • Dismiss a spectator from the field if they are being disruptive.

  • Abandon a game because of un-safe weather.

  • Stop, suspend or abandon a game for any offences or because of outside interference from spectators.

Relevant quote from FIFA Laws of the Game 2017/2018:

“The decisions of the referee regarding facts connected with play, including whether or not a goal is scored and the result of the match, are final. The decisions of the referee, and all other match officials, must always be respected.

The referee may not change a decision on realizing that it is incorrect or on the advice of another match official if play has restarted or the referee has signaled the end of the first or second half (including extra time) and left the field of play or terminated the match.”

There is a serious problem with youth referees choosing not to stay in the referee program in their later teen years and into adulthood. The main reason for this is intimidation and abusive treatment by coaches and parents. Abuse of a referee at any age will not be tolerated.

Show your support for the game by being respectful and supportive of the referees.


A full kit including a numbered jersey, soccer socks and soccer shorts are provided to each player and are theirs to keep. Players will also need to provide their own shin pads, soccer cleats, and a water bottle. It is also recommended that each player bring a regulation size 4 ball to practices. For U9 and U10 players a superlight version is preferrable.

Official Rules:

WYSA Rules and Regulations

FIFA Laws of the Game 2017/2018