2022 Coach Workshop Registration

Registration is now open for the 2022 outdoor season coach workshops. All fees are paid for by CYSA.

More information: Coach Workshops

CYSA 2022 Outdoor Registration

Registration for the 2022 Outdoor season for U3-U18 players is now open. In order to register players must complete two portions.

The CYSA registration fees are as follows:

  • U3 CYSA Registration fee: $34
  • U4-U8 CYSA Registration fee: $74
  • U9-U10 CYSA Registration fee: $139
  • U11-U12 CYSA Registration fee: $159
  • U13-U18 CYSA Registration fee: $189

The MSA registration fees are as follows:

  • U3-U8 MSA Registration fee: TBD. Maybe $16.
  • U9-U18 MSA Registration fee: TBD. Maybe $41.

Registration deadline for U3-U8: April 1, 2022
Registration deadline for U9-U18: March 20, 2022

U4, U5, U7 Boys, U8 Boys: Play at Westgrove School Fields, 50 Westgrove Way
U6, U7 Girls, U8 Girls: Play at River West Park School fields, 30 Stack St

More information HERE

Upcoming 2022 Outdoor Rec Soccer Registration

Online registration for the 2022 outdoor recreational seasion for U3-U18 players will open in February.

Upcoming 2022 Registration