CYSA 2022 Outdoor Registration

Registration for the 2022 Outdoor season for U3-U18 players is now open. In order to register players must complete two portions.

The CYSA registration fees are as follows:

  • U3 CYSA Registration fee: $34
  • U4-U8 CYSA Registration fee: $74
  • U9-U10 CYSA Registration fee: $139
  • U11-U12 CYSA Registration fee: $159
  • U13-U18 CYSA Registration fee: $189

The MSA registration fees are as follows:

  • U3-U8 MSA Registration fee: TBD. Maybe $16.
  • U9-U18 MSA Registration fee: TBD. Maybe $41.

Registration deadline for U3-U8: April 1, 2022
Registration deadline for U9-U18: March 20, 2022

U4, U5, U7 Boys, U8 Boys: Play at Westgrove School Fields, 50 Westgrove Way
U6, U7 Girls, U8 Girls: Play at River West Park School fields, 30 Stack St

More information HERE

Upcoming 2022 Outdoor Rec Soccer Registration

Online registration for the 2022 outdoor recreational seasion for U3-U18 players will open in February.

Upcoming 2022 Registration

2021 AGM

CYSA 2021 Annual General Meeting & Coach Appreciation Night

Important! The venue has changed

Wednesday October 27, 2021, 7:30pm
Varsity View Sportsplex, Boardroom
4230 Ridgewood Ave
Varsity View Community Centre
315 Laxdal Rd

Please join us for our AGM and coach appreciation night. Board members are desperately needed. Please email if you are interested in volunteering.