Fee and Refund Policy 2020 Outdoor season of Play

In a normal soccer season, costs are easily estimated and registration fees are set accordingly. With the Covid-19 pandemic, some costs cannot be estimated, and there is a risk that the soccer season will be cancelled mid-season, for health and safety reasons.

It is anticipated that outdoor soccer registration fees will be reduced because of the shorter soccer season. Full details of the new reduced fees, if they happen, are not yet known.

CYSA is a non-profit, volunteer run organization, and we are doing are best to balance these priorities:

  • Provide safe recreational soccer for Charleswood youth.
  • Charge appropriate registration fees.
  • Provide registration fee refunds, automatically when appropriate, and as requested.
  • Avoid losing money, which would prevent CYSA from providing recreational soccer in the future.
  • Do all of the above without over-burdening our volunteers.

Refunds for over-payment amounts will be automatically issued, if the refunded amount is greater than $10 per player, once the season has ended.

Because of the unpredictable nature of Covid-19, CYSA will handle refund situations as detailed below.

  1. A refund requested prior to training sessions (i.e. practices) beginning:

    Full refund upon request.

  2. If the soccer season is cancelled after training sessions begin but before scheduled games are played:

    CYSA must still pay for some overhead costs in this scenario (e.g. insurance costs), and cannot refund the full registration fee.

    The refunded amount will be the registration fee with overhead costs deducted. The estimated overhead cost is $60 per player, but the overhead cost is not yet known.

    Using the original registration fee amount, estimates of the refund amounts in this case are as follows:

    Age Group Registration Fee Estimated overhead costs Estimated Refund
    U13-U18 $240 $60 $180
    U11-U12 $220 $60 $160
    U9-U10 $180 $60 $120
  3. If a refund is requested after training sessions begin but the soccer season has not been cancelled:

    For example, a parent may choose to withdraw their child from soccer because of health and safety concerns after games have begun.

    CYSA will compassionately consider these requests on a case by case basis. A refund is not guaranteed in these cases.

  4. If the soccer season is cancelled after training sessions begin and after scheduled games have started:

    A refund amount will be calculated that considers the overhead costs (e.g. insurance costs) plus the costs incurred to run the shortened season (e.g. costs for jerseys, referees, field lining, etc.).

    If the refunded amount is greater than $10 per player, refunds will be automatically issued.

  5. If a refund is requested after the soccer season is completed as scheduled:

    The refund request will fall under the standard CYSA policy: CYSA Registration Policy

2020 Covid-19 Season Update

It has now been announced that return to play protocols for the 2020 outdoor season of play have been approved by the Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA), Sports Manitoba and the Canada Soccer Association (CSA). Sanctioned Activities will be allowed to begin as early as June 17th beginning with Stage 1: non-contact training.

The timeline of when we will be able to move into Stage 2 (limited contact training) and Stage 3 (Resumption of Competitive play) will be determined by the MSA and in conjunction with provincial health authorities and will be dependent on how the provincial Covid-19 cases progress as activities resume. The MSA along with CSA and provincial health authorities can make adjustments to the return to play stages and guidelines as deemed necessary for the safety of participants.

All players will be required to complete a one time waiver and to review parent and player protocols prior to participating in any activities. This information will be sent to team groupings in the coming days through the boys convenor and myself for girls as acting girls convenor. Expect this information by early next week as well as an update on fee structure changes which may occur depending on how the season of play progresses.

I am also requesting that anyone who is able to volunteer respond to this notice ASAP. At this time, many age groups for both male and female players do not have volunteers for coaching. Without those volunteers we will not be able to get those players and teams back out on the field.

As we move into this next stage and return to seeing players out on the field of play, I thank everyone for their on-going patience and support as the soccer community adjusts.

Take Care,
Erin Beyko
President-Charleswood Youth Soccer Association

2020 Covid-19 Update

As we continue to adjust to the current Covid-19 pandemic, and its impacts to our daily lives we at CYSA continue to see a great spirit of community from our members. Players have continued to work on their skills independently, families are getting active together and teammates are finding unique ways to stay in touch and share their love of the game.

Today the Manitoba government released its draft of ‘Phase 2 – Roadmap to Recovery’ which includes the resumption of team sports. This is a positive step in the right direction however each sport’s governing bodies must put in place “Return-to-Play Protocols” before the resumption of any sanctioned activities.

Manitoba Soccer Association has been working hard towards the development of these guidelines and will be releasing them once provincial approval is in place. We at CYSA continue to plan and prepare to be able to meet these guidelines and will be prepared to resume activities as soon as it is deemed safe and possible to do so.

This return-to-Play will look different than the soccer activities we have become accustomed to. Soccer will not return to its regular format immediately. A return to play will take place over a period of weeks and/or months and will include multiple stages. It is anticipated we will begin with non-contact training, then move to limited contact training, and eventually to the resumption of competition and league play.

At this time, any team events or activities are NOT sanctioned by the Manitoba Soccer Association and will not be until at least June 7th. This includes any type of team get together, scrimmage, match or practice. This will be reviewed on a week to week basis as preparations are made and updates can be released. Due to the uncertainty of the situation as it continues to evolve CYSA is not able to speculate on specific dates on which a return to play will begin.

In order to eliminate any confusion when updates are released all information will continue to be sent directly to registered members by the CYSA president as well as posted to our Facebook page rather than relayed to members through their respective coaches. These updates will include any guidelines and protocols which players, parents, coaches and team managers will be required to follow.

Thank you once again for your patience as the soccer community works to get players back out on the field.

Erin Beyko
President-Charleswood Youth Soccer Association