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  Saturday, July 21, 2018  
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  Program Information

CYSA Summer Recreational Programs

Charleswood Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) offers several recreational soccer programs for Charleswood (and neighbouring rural areas) youth.  These programs are divided into 3 major categories.


  1. Mini-soccer.  For 4 to 8 year old boys and girls.  Provides an introduction to the game and begins teaching basic skills in a fun environment.  Everybody gets to play equally, no scores are kept, and the emphasis is on having fun.  The games are played two nights per week (Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday).  This is a house league - teams play against other teams from Charleswood.  The season runs through May and June, end ends with "Canada Soccer’s Active Start Soccer Fests - CYSA Mini-Soccer Jamboree" at the end of June. More Details Here

  2. Youth soccer (district).  For 9 to 12 year olds.  At ages 9 and 10, a 3/4 size field is split into two sideways, and two groups of 6 players practice and play on each half field.  Standings are not kept, but there are tournaments throughout the year.  At age 11, the games become formalized, with regular rules (modified as necessary for the age group) and are played on a 3/4 sized field with 9 players on the field at a time per side.  Referees are provided.  Boys and girls play on separate teams.  Youth soccer is managed by the St. Charles Soccer Association with Charleswood teams playing other teams from the district at a number of different venues.  There are normally two games per week on weekday evenings (either Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday, depending upon the age group).  The season runs through May and June, and then resumes in September with playoff rounds. More Details Here

  3. Senior youth soccer (city).  For 13 to 18 year olds.  At age 13, the games switch to the full size field, and have a full complement of 11 players on the field at a time.  At this age level, the teams are administered city-wide by the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association, and are played at various venues throughout the City.  The season runs througn May and June, and then resumes in September with playoff rounds.More Details Here

  4. St. Charles Soccer Association is the parent organization of CYSA. They also have information about recreational soccer programs for U9 to U 18 on their website, here:
    St. Charles Recreationsl Soccer Program Information U9 to U18.

CYSA Winter Recreational Programs

During the winter, the Charleswood Youth Soccer Association participates in an indoor soccer program, which overall is administered by the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association.  Participation in indoor soccer is particularly encouraged for those with a strong interest in soccer, as it provides for continuous year-round development of skills.  In indoor soccer, there is generally one game per weekend, with practices scheduled in school gyms during the week.  Games are played in 5 different venues throughout the city.

The season begins at the end of October and continues through January with a round-robin schedule.  In February and March the teams are split into groups depending upon their placement in the round-robin, and playoffs are held to determine the winners of the Cambrian Challenge Cup.

Other Programs

For those children that have a stronger interest in the game, and have the commitment to dedicate more time and effort into the game, there are more advanced programs, offered from the district level up to the provincial level.  These programs are not run by the CYSA and players must register and pay their fees through the St Charles Soccer Association.  Players from the Charleswood district should also register through the CYSA (no fee), in case the player does not end up playing for the SCSA and wishes to reserve a space with CYSA.

Premier and Premier/Development programs are provided for children of ages 13 through 18. Developmental program are provided for childresn of ages 10 through 12.  Players must try out for these programs - normally the tryout dates are earlier than recreational deadlines, so check the St Charles website carefully.

For more information, see the district website at

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