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  Saturday, July 21, 2018  
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Children's Fitness Tax Credit

Manitoba's Child Fitness Tax Credit currently applies to children up to and including age 15.

Starting in 2011, Manitoba's Fitness Tax Credit will allow claims for fitness activities by young adults aged 16 through 24. The cost of eligible fitness activities up to $500, as defined under the federal legislation, can be claimed by the young adult, or by a spouse or parent. This will provide an annual non-refundable benefit of up to $54 per youth. Young adults with a disability, on whose behalf at least $100 is spent for qualifying fitness activities, will be eligible for an additional $54 credit for a maximum credit of $108  mirroring the treatment of children with a disability. The credits reduce Manitoba income tax otherwise payable in the tax year.


For information on the Manitoba Child Fitness Tax Credit go to


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