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  Tuesday, February 28, 2017  


 2017 Outdoor Soccer Registration 


Outdoor soccer registration is now in progress and will continue until March 15 for ages 9 to 18 and until March 31 for ages 4 to 8.  The season will start near the end of April or early May (weather permitting). 

Note that CYSA offers programs in recreational soccer.  For the more demanding and time consuming development and premier soccer levels see for more information.

Registration will mostly be done online but we also will have three occasions of in-person registration for those who wish to pay with cash, cheque (or Kidsport/Jumpstart) or who wish to speak to someone about the program.  Dates and places for in-person registration are as follows:

  • Saturday Feb 25 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Wednesday Mar 1 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Saturday Mar 4 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

In-person registration will be held at the Varsity View Sportsplex at 4230 Ridgewood Avenue.  Before coming to in-person registration please go online at, enter your family details, do all the registration up to the point of payment, and then bring in the registration form that the system provides with you.

Fees for the recreational program for 2017 are set as follows:

2013 U4 Mini Mixed $85
2012 U5 Mini Mixed $85
2011 U6 Mini Mixed $85
2010 U7 Mini Mixed $85
2009 U8 Mini Mixed $85
2008 U9 Boys or Girls $150
2007 U10 Boys or Girls $150
2006 U11 Boys or Girls $200
2005 U12 Boys or Girls $200
2004 U13 Boys or Girls $225
2003 U14 Boys or Girls $225
2002 U15 Boys or Girls $225
2001 U16 Boys or Girls $225
2000 U17 Boys or Girls $225
1999 U18 Boys or Girls $225


In order to register please proceed to our registration portal HERE


Nights and places of play

For ages 4 to 8 you have your choice of nights but ages 4,5 and 8 always play at Westgrove School and ages 6,7 at River West Park.  All games are at 6:30.  You can choose between Mondays and Wednesdays or alternately Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For ages 9 through 18 the nights of play are set city wide.  Ages 9,11,13,15, and 17 play on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and sometimes on Sundays.  Ages 10,12,14,16,and 18 play on Monday and Wednesday evenings and sometimes on Fridays.  Ages 9 and up do not always play at the same place.  For ages 9 through 12 the games are usually in Charleswood, St James and St Charles but sometimes if there are too few teams they combine with FC Northwest and play in the North End and possibly Stonewall and East St Paul.  For ages 13 through 18 the games are played all across the city and outside, such as in West St Paul or Oakbank.

Note the following catchment information.

For ages 9 and up, WYSA regulates where your child can play.  The place of residence of your child determines which community club catchment area the child is in, and that is where you register.  In the case of CYSA, we handle soccer for the following community clubs:

Varsity View

Roblin Park



i.e. south of the river and west of the west border of the Assiniboine Forest (extended down to the City Limits).  If you live north of the Assiniboine River in the St Charles district, register with your local community club, even if you have played on a Charleswood team in the past.  For Elie area, register with Tracy Carriere in Elie (phone 204-353-2972 or  


Kidsport, Jumpstart subsidies

There are several programs which subsidize enrollment in soccer for those with difficulty financing these programs.  The primary one of these is the Kidsport program at  If you wish to apply for this, we will have forms available at in-person registration (not on-line).  However, please note that if your application is not accepted (there is a means test) you will be responsible for paying the full registration amount.  There is also a program called Jumpstart, run by Canadian Tire.


About the CYSA:

The Charleswood Youth Soccer Association has been in place to serve the residents of Charleswood since it was established in 1969.

We are a non-profit, totally volunteer run organization which provides recreational soccer year-round.  We have over 800 players in our summer recreational leagues.


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